Monday, June 2, 2014

Taliban "Prisoners" released in Qatar with no hint of being in custody (w/ updates)

The five Taliban Terrorists leaders who were released from Gitmo to Qatari authorities today received a heroes welcome in Qatar with no signs of being in custody, much less prisoners.  They are supposed to be in custody in Qatar for one year but there is no hint of them being prisoners in this video released today.

5 Taliban Leaders Back in Qatar - no signs of being in custody

UPDATE:  Former members of SGT Berghdal Unit: "Bergdahl Violated Oath when he deserted us". Via The Kelly File. Cody Full and Gerald Sutton, men who served in Bowe Bergdahl's platoon, spoke out in an interview with Megyn Kelly tonight. They described Bergdahl as an unequivocal deserter whose actions led to the deaths of other soldiers. Full said he heard Bergdahl "talking about the terrain extensively" and talking to the Afghan national police with a clear "agenda" in mind.

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