Thursday, July 10, 2014

Raju The Crying Elephant Update:

Update on Raju The Crying Elephant.
The heart-warming moment Raju the crying elephant finds a girlfriend... and has his first proper meal in decades after being starved and kept in spiked chains for 50 years
Raju is now safely living in the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre at Mathura, in northern India.  The Daily Mail has the story.
  • He was held in chains for more than 50 years after being poached in India
  • The animal bled from spiked shackles and lived on hand-outs from tourists
  • Team from North London charity Wildlife SOS travelled to India to free animal on July 4
  • The five-and-a-half-tonne animal cried tears of joy after being freed
  • He was introduced to female friend Phoolkali this week

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Anonymous said...

I am so scared for Raju. His filthy owner is trying to get him back. He poached this elephant he does not own him. All you people destroying your own animals for ransom are really stupid. Elephants are a gift from god just like all things on earth. To torture a living beautiful calf to death because of crops is vile. They were here first. The government won't pay anything. Too much world greed is killing our souls. Save these animals. All animals. So sad to think there will be no more elephants in 25 years. Thanks to humans and their stupidity. We were given a incredible gift our Planet. You be the one to tell the creator why you destroyed and murdered his precious gifts.