Sunday, December 7, 2014

FULL INTERVIEW Rush Limbaugh Fox News Sunday

Rush Limbaugh Fox News Sunday interview. Rush Limbaugh invaded Sunday morning television on Fox News Sunday to bemoan the “grievance industry” that is “literally ripping our fabric apart.”
Rush Limbaugh said that the aftermath of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases called for inspirational leadership from President Barack Obama, who instead was amplifying historical racial divisions for his own political gain.

FULL INTERVIEW Rush Limbaugh Fox News Sunday

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Douglas Wakeman said...

Once again Wallace solidifies his bona fides as a clueless tool of the Left. He is just obsessed with some meaningless poll showing that some proportion of the public blames the Republicans for a government shutdown. You know it is a rigged poll (pardon my redundancy) simply be its use of the word, "Blame." This presupposes that everyone thinks the government shutdown is a bad thing. When you consider who would come up with such phrasing you will know that the poll is garbage. Yet, to Wallace, it is holy writ. What a buffoon.