Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Dogs of The Dow - is anyone interested in Investing Success?

One of the time honored investing strategies is the Dogs of The Dow strategy.  This strategy involves buying the 10 highest yielding stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (yield is dividend price divided by stock price).  Obviously, these stocks with a high dividend yield are slightly beaten down so they are poised for a big return.  And you get those high dividend yield.  A slightly different strategy is to buy the 5 lowest priced of the 10 Dow Dogs, this is now as Small Dog stocks.

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Symbol Company Price Yield Small Dog
NYSE / NASDAQ The Dow stocks ranked by yield on 12/31/14 on 12/31/14 on 12/31/14 on 12/31/14
T AT&T 33.59 5.48% Yes
VZ Verizon 46.78 4.70% Yes
CVX Chevron 112.18 3.82% No
MCD McDonald's 93.70 3.63% No
PFE Pfizer 31.15 3.60% Yes
GE General Electric 25.27 3.48% Yes
MRK Merck 56.79 3.17% No
CAT Caterpillar 91.53 3.06% No
XOM ExxonMobil 92.45 2.99% No
KO Coca-Cola 42.22 2.89% Yes

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Anonymous said...

if you buy high or low, the ideal way is to hold em, keep and forget about em,

anon xo