Thursday, January 22, 2015

Can you help identify a criminal? Ferguson police release new surveillance video of looters

In order to help identify looters the Ferguson Police have released surveillance video from inside a Ferguson grocery store that was looted following the November 24 announcement that grand jury would not indict the officer who shot dead Michael Brown. There are some 180 people who have committed crimes in this video:

Ferguson police release new surveillance video of looters

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Anonymous said...

People who steal from small business or big business are plain old criminals I don't care what anyone stays to the contrary..My hubs of many years worked grocery retail he saw everything a cheater and liar and their never change their ways unless arrested and made to repay their victim or victims plain and simple..Why can't ethics be taught in grade and middle and high school, some kids come from homes that think it okay to cheat, lie and steal...Many suffer from no parental guidance and grow up to do whatever they please whenever they goodness sakes, I went to catholic school and public schools and I tell you ethics and morals are not taught in the home anymore plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!!