Monday, February 8, 2016

Chris Christie for President

Common Cents enthusiastically supports New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for President.  Governor Christie has the experience, the record, and the accomplishments to be President of the United States.  He was won election and re-election in a blue state (New Jersey) by huge margins.  He will make an outstanding President.  Learn more about Chris Christie here.

Chris Christie - Telling it like it is

Chris Christie - Protect America

2016 Chris Christie Campaign Ad - Gitmo

Chris Christie's Plea To Change How America Handles Drug Addicts


Anonymous said...

Sent $1,000 to Marco Rubio's campaign after the fat bastard, Christie's obnoxious performance the past week. Guess old Chris will have to hug Bernie or Hillary after Obama leaves office.

Politijim said...

Damn Microsoft screwed up your calendar! April Fools isn't for another 2 months!