Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hands Down - The best editorial page you will find...

is easily Investor's Business Daily Editorial Page.  IBD publishes easy to read editorials that should be required reading.  Take a look below and please tell a friend or two...

Law Enforcement:  Hillary Clinton partisans might want to re-cork those champagne bottles after FBI Director James Comey let her off the legal hook for her reckless use of an unsecured email system while secretary of state. The reaction to Comey's decision from otherwise erstwhile friends has been vicious.

Energy:  A recent report by an energy consultancy suggests that the U.S. now has oil reserves bigger than Saudi Arabia's. Believe it or not, that might be a huge understatement.

Injustice:  FBI Director James Comey told Americans Tuesday everything they feared about Hillary Clinton's email scandal was true — from the 2,000 classified documents stored on her home-brew server, to the possibility that hostile powers could have gained access to U.S. secrets. The result? No charges. This will make a deeply cynical public even more cynical, if that's possible.

Economics:  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the voice of today's Democratic Party, has decided that Apple, Google and Amazon are monopolists that must be brought to heel by the trust-busters in federal government. Silicon Valley might want to rethink its politics.

Economics:  Congress says its bill to deal with Puerto Rico's out-of-control debt isn't a bailout, and that's a good thing. But while Congress buys time for the fiscally troubled island paradise to restructure, Puerto Rico's $73 billion in debt remains unpayable, and the bill does little to address the real problem: a collapsed economy.

Terrorism:  In its latest Orwellian message on ISIS, the Obama administration insists that the spate of terror attacks around the world over the past week is a good thing, because it means ISIS is on the run.

Green Wars:  It takes a lot of gall to accuse people of being anti-science dunderheads while ignoring science yourself. Yet that's precisely what Greenpeace is doing when it comes to the safety of "genetically modified" foods.

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