Sunday, October 23, 2016

Obamacare Update:

Sad, very sad that this is not uncommon in America today.  And this is for the Bronze Plan.  The cheap one!


deborah harvey said...

i wonder where that money goes.
how much of it ends up in offshore bank accounts?
this country has been purposely drained and now the last bits are being swept up before we the people are abandoned, bereft of any necessities.
it certainly isn't used to pay the medical bills of the policy holders.
the insurance companies pay hardly anything on the medical bills and in many cases pay nothing at all.
the clerks in the blue cross offices have had their jobs sent to either central or south america--somewhere where spanish is the native tongue--and those clerks left here are not well informed about the plans that they are supposed to be helping you with.

MrGarabaldi said...

Well that is Obamacare you know...gotta pass it to see what is in it. it is the interim stop to single payer which is the wet dream of every leftist.