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Wikileaks Update - More Podesta emails dropped...

Via Reddit.  If this were anyone else these emails would warrant wall-to-wall coverage.  The media would be talking about them nonstop.  Spread the word...

The investigation starts here:

TOP LEVEL COMMENTS must contain EMAILID or link to the email, description of contents, please try to limit other discussion as the replies to top level comments. Fresh content, coming from this latest release are only the emails with EMAILID of over 12173. This current batch, in this thread begins at EMAILID 12173, current batch ends around 15300. Update: Actually it seems to be even more emails than 800 as I said in the title. Seems like at least 3000 more emails than we had previously. We are seeing valid email IDs into the 15000s. Which makes this:


of the Podesta emails from Wikileaks.

Everything under 12150 is certainly from an earlier batch. So please only post fresh emails in this thread. If you are interested in older emails,see Part 1,Part 2 , Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6 , Part 7Part 8Part 9

  • EMAILID 12539 Philippe Reines admits to the following about Hillary Clinton's emails March 2015 : "To be clear, there are and will likely remain only two parties who can release the full 55k: State and us. Nobody else will have them. Gowdy will only end up with what’s relevant to his committee, which won’t grow that much beyond what he has. Probably not get anywhere close to 500."

  • EMAILID 12393 Neera Tanden and John Podesta. They realize the email deletion will hurt them but they have no idea how much. They think it will quickly pass "I mean, they will go after the deleting of the private emails...but at some point, this just will have to run out of steam, especially as they see minimal electoral consequence. " Podesta said "They will go after the server but that takes us back to Benghazi which is good for us"

  • EMAILID 12401 This seems big. Chelsea Clinton provides a list of concerns to the staff including John Podesta. Apparently several cases of surveillance and spying was going on between the employees. All of the names of persons will need to be identified and followed up on. There is a lot of information in just this one email: "Ilya physically saw/caught Justin a couple of days ago reading his bberry andloading the same spyware onto his computer that he loaded onto Bari's computer" "- my father was told today of explicit examples at CGI of Doug/ Teneo pushing for - and receiving - free memberships - and of multiple examples of Teneo 'hustling' business at CGI - and of people now having quit at CGI" "- Ilya believes Hannah and Justin have taken significant sums of money from my parents personally - some in expenses - cars, etc. - and others directly"

  • EMAILID 15261 More from Mindy (the mole on Elizabeth Warren's team) and Maggie (an NYT journalist, often colluding with the Clinton campaign). Mindy is giving up inside info as usual, Maggie is colluding as usual. " The NYT (Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman) reached out this morning to tell us that they are aware of a meeting HRC had with Senator Warren at her house back in December. They plan to write imminently, so wanted everyone to be aware that this could pop soon." Giving advance warning. "Just talked w Mindy. Good convo. She said she's been getting really good feedback about Dan's outreach--she said she knows we are talking to the people they suggested and they really like Dan...So good work, Schwerin! Also, she flagged that they're going to push back hard against POTUS on trade." handing out info. "And the NYT piece is fine -- for both sides." Of course it is good for you, one of your pawns Maggie Haberman co-wrote it. Phillipe Reines on the same NYT story : "They have to believe it came from us. Reads too perfectly for HRC. If we intended to do it it probably wouldn't read so perfectly." Once again a crooked journalist wrote it so it is no big surprise it reads "too perfectly for HRC". Just remember that Maggie Haberman from the NYT is as Crooked as they come.

  • EMAILID 13999 More possible violations of campaign finance rules. Email to Podesta from Minh Nguyen :"I'm swinging way above my weight class here. And I'm 100% sure this out of protocol.I'm trying to land the campaign a big fat whale that can give between $100,000 to maybe $1 million if their ego can be reassured that they won't be just treated "just like any other donor.With your permission, can I CC you in an email to these guys.I'm work with Haim Saban's political director on these same guys. If it's 100% inappropriate I understand."

  • EMAILID 12811 Cheryl Mills sends out an article to Podesta and several others "Aide who accused Bill Clinton of groping her in White House claims 'Hillary Clinton IS the war on women ... she enabled his behavior' Kathleen Willey claims President Clinton forced himself on her in a study near the Oval Office in 1993, insists that Hillary 'enabled his behavior' and then conducted a campaign to discredit her." Tina Flournoy responds "Saw it last night and ignored it" Doesn't seem like they were willing to believe the accounts from Bill Clinton's victims. They simply ignored them.

  • EMAILID 13817 Brent Budowsky again writing to Podesta... It seems Budowsky was an informal adviser of sorts to Podesta (while claiming to be a "journalist"). Budowsky wrote Podesta 70 emails according to the search engine, just in the leaks released so far. This time Budowsky appears to fish for a pat on the back, writing "You'll enjoy how I handled Trump's attack against Huma, among other things...Brent" and attaches his latest article, no doubt the fruit of the unhealthy relationship between him and Podesta. Budowsky is as clear a case of a Clinton campaign operative pretending to be a journalist as there ever was. I provided an archived version of the article because of the Clinton campaign's known penchant for deleting incriminating evidence.

  • EMAILID 12681 Glenn Thrush , extremely corrupt, dishonest "journalist" writes to John Podesta: "Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u Please don't share or tell anyone I did this Tell me if I fucked up anything" then he sends a huge part of the article to John Podesta. Absolutely disgraceful. Podesta approves the section of course which showed him in a very positive light to begin with. Don't worry Glenn Trush of the Politico. I'm sure Podesta won't tell anyone you did this.

  • EMAILID 15319 John Podesta gets an email signed as "Barack Obama". Podesta being someone pretty important, probably expected something better but this is essentially a spam begging for donations with parts such as "Today, if you're ready to make these choices and meet the challenges that face us, pitch in $3 or whatever you can to become an official State of the Union Donor." Even the leaders of the campaign are not exempt from getting Democrat Spam.

  • EMAILID 12831 Foreign press reaches out to the Clinton campaign : "I am writing to you on behalf of the Leading European Newspaper Alliance (LENA), which brings together Die Welt from Germany, El PaĆ­s from Spain, Belgium’s Le Soir, La Reppublica from Italy ... an interview with Secretary Clinton. There is plenty for the Secretary to say to the people of Europe. We do not have a set timeframe, and we are perfectly aware of how tight her schedule is. We also know that interviews get arranged by strict policies and guidelines and only if they serve the communication agenda of the Secretary."

  • EMAILID 12427 Clinton campaign is getting questions in advanceAGAIN for debates. Previously they got a debate question from Donna Brazile. This time it is John Podesta that gets the email from Jon Soltz who somehow learned of a question Cavuto will ask in an upcoming Republican debate. Podesta immediately blasts this out to the whole campaign so they prepare for the fallout. Soltz to Podesta: "We have gotten intel that Neil Cavuto plans to ask a veterans question of the GOP candidates tonight. As you can guess, the candidates are very likely to attack the Secretary in their answers. Your press team, therefore, may find it useful to get this to reporters"

  • EMAILID 12403 and the Clinton campaign as early as 2014. They are developing software tools to help out the Clinton campaign. "I have been kept apprised of the work being done by Eric Schmidt’s group and others working directly and indirectly with your team. .. In summary: We have selected a team of developers, unaffiliated with Eric, to build the front-end of your website... Eric’s team is also developing products that are not, strictly speaking, critical for launch, but would be extremely useful to have as early in the cycle as possible

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