Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Maps

Election Maps:
We've thrown together a number of Election 2016 US Presidential Maps for your enjoyment. First is the Presidential Election by States.  The light red and blue states have not officially been called, but Michigan and Arizona will go to Trump - Minnesota and New Hampshire will likely go for Clinton. The five shaded states (plus Michigan) are states that Trump flipped from Democratic to Republican.  Via NY Times Election site.

This is the 2016 Presidential Election map by US counties.  The red counties went for Trump (the darker red the higher percentage) the blue counties went for Clinton. 

Next is the Election 2016 Size of lead  by county map.  Not the huge blue dots (Clinton) and the plethora of smaller dots (Trump).

Finally this is the Election 2016 Presidential Trending map.  The red arrows are US counties that are trending Republican vs. 2012.  The blue arrows are counties that are trending Democrat as compared to 2012.  The longer the arrow the stronger the trend.

Finally, not a Presidential Map but this is very interesting.  Below is a map of how the State Legislative break down across the US.  Republicans picked up 3 more State Legislative chambers on Tuesday bringing them to 31 states that they have complete control over.  Wow!

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