Friday, April 28, 2017

UPDATED: Online Straw Poll - What grade would you give President Trump's first 100 days?

Please vote in our online straw poll grading President Trump's first 100 days.

What grade would you give President Trump in his first 100 days? free polls


Anonymous said...

America wanted a change from the traditional Democrat/Republican choices. I would have preferred that the Libertarian Party put forth a legitimate candidate, but Johnson is a joke.

President Trump and his administration has a learning curve that they are overcoming. Congress blew it on Healthcare Reform so far. So did the Obama Congress in 2009.

I do like they way Trump understands negotiation - and I believe he will continue to be successful, so long as Congress supports him.

B said...

A "B" at best.

The poll wouldn't let me vote. I could select a choice, but no "vote" button.....

Anonymous said...

I voted a D because I really thought he would get more "swamp draining" done.

JeremyR said...

A D is not fair in that respect, It is up to us to drain that part of the swamp. Clean house in 2018 (and Senate).
I gave him a B. He did a good job of making Lyin Ryan look like the fool he is, but not good enough to get the fool to step down and slither away. He has only 1360 days left to get those problems fixed.
Some of his picks have come from the enemy camp, RINOs who are full on card carrying members of the uniparty. That is my only fault, but he appears to be keeping them on a leash.