Sunday, May 7, 2017

The best editorial page you will find is

easily Investor's Business Daily.  IBD publishes easy-to-read editorials that show the benefits of capitalism and free markets, as well as the major issues of socialism and other forms of big government.  A sample:

Health Reform: While everyone is busy picking apart the flaws of the Republican ObamaCare replacement bill, one inconvenient truth is being overlooked: ObamaCare itself has been a colossal disaster.

Fiscal Folly: Tired of wrestling with his creditors, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselo is taking the unprecedented step of moving his dispute to federal bankruptcy court, where he hopes to get a favorable solution to his government's desperate debt situation. It's not exactly bankruptcy, but it does set an ugly precedent that poorly run, financially strapped U.S. states are likely to follow.

Economics: Why is it that reporters keep scratching their heads about Venezuela's descent into extreme poverty and chaos? The cause is simple. Socialism. End it and you will end the misery.

Media Malpractice: Are the media biased? Well, despite their routine denunciations of that charge, the data show clearly that they are, as we've reported many, many times. But it's one thing to be biased — quite another to do something about it.

Big Government: We hear endless lamentations about the alleged gender pay gap. But what about the other, very real, pay gap? The one where government workers make far more than their private sector counterparts.

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