Wednesday, March 21, 2018

AWESOME! Texas man confronts his high school bully 35 years later

Spread the word. On Monday, March 19, Texas man Greg Barrett confronted the superintendent of the Katy Independent School Board over alleged bullying over 35 years ago.
Texas man confronts alleged bully — the school board superintendent

Texas man describes the bullying he suffered in junior high because his surname was 'Gay' to a roomful of teachers and administrators - before revealing the superintendent heading the panel was his tormentor
Greg Barrett addressed the Katy Independent School District board on Monday
  • Barrett, whose legal last name is Gay, was tormented for it in junior high school
  • He recounted one incident when his head was shoved into a urinal so hard it busted his lip
  • He said he contemplated suicide the bullying got so bad 
  • At the end of his turn, Barrett revealed that KISD Superintendent Dr Lance Hindt was the boy who attacked him
  • Hindt denied the claims, saying: 'I do not recall this person from my childhood'
  • Barrett said he decided to share his story after hearing other reports of bullying at Katy ISD campuses 
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Anonymous said...

Bullies NEVER remember their victims, to them we are beneath their notice, when they perpetrate their acts and even now.