Friday, March 30, 2018

Video - The Shroud of Turin

A historical backgrounder on the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus. "The Shroud is a challenge to our intelligence... The Church urges that the Shroud be studied without pre-established positions that take for granted results that are not such... For the believer, what counts above all is that the Shroud is a mirror of the Gospel... The image of human suffering is reflected in the Shroud... The Shroud is also an image of God's love as well as of human sin... (of) the powerlessness of death.. of silence....The Shroud shows Jesus at the moment of his greatest helplessness and reminds us that in the abasement of death lies the salvation of the whole world" (John  Paul II in the 1998 Exposition of the Shroud of Turin). This video is from the official website of the Philippine exhibit which started last July 2007

The Shroud of Turin (part 1)

Shroud of Turin (part 2)

Shroud of Turin (part 3)

Shroud of Turin (part 4)

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