Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

Video - Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

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Leonard Jones said...

I used to work for a mechanical services company in the South Bay area of
Long Angeles County. One of my coworkers began telling me a story about
a fishing trip he took with his son in Baja California. The guy rented
a 14' motorized skiff and a local skipper. His 12-year-old deaf son hooked
a fish that was way too big for him to handle so Paul took over. When
the fish lept out of the water, it was a 400+ pound Marlin as long as
the boat they were on. The fish turned and headed straight for the boat.
He lept out of the water three times. On the third leap, it landed in the
boat and speared the ice chest.

The skipper and kid bailed but Paul stayed on the boat because he thought
his kid was still onboard under this monster fish. Once he realized his son
was OK, he bailed out and they all waited for this fish to die. About this
time, I decided this was the most outrageous "fish story" I heard in my
life. I balled up my fist and began making an obscene gesture. Paul
smiled, reached for his wallet and unfolded an article from the Western
Outdoor News (with photographs.) I told him that I hope bought many
copies, because he had the uber bar bet winner and would never have to
pay for a drink for the rest of his life!