Sunday, February 10, 2019


Investors Business Daily.  IBD published outstanding editorials that tout the obvious benefits of free markets and capitalism.  A sample:
Good Times:  When Trump rattled off a series of economic successes in his State of the Union, he could have added one more. The public's quality of life has improved sharply in the past two years.
Green New Deal:  The far-left Democrats finally unveiled their plan for their "Green New Deal." It's a shocking document, essentially a call for enviro-socialism in America. It's no doubt prompting many across the nation to wonder: Has this once-respectable political party of the working class gone collectively mad?
Election 2020:  Starbucks tycoon Howard Schultz had barely gotten the words out of his mouth about a possible independent bid for president before an angry Democratic mob descended on him. He should ignore them.
State Of The Union: President Trump took the big stage on Tuesday night and didn't disappoint. In his State of the Union speech, he recited his accomplishments, which few Americans know about, gave credit to American heroes who attended the speech, and even reached out to the political opposition.
Foreign Affairs:  At the tail end of his State of the Union address Tuesday night, as President Donald Trump touted his foreign policy achievements, Democrats sat stone faced. Not a surprise. But outside the House chamber, even some of Trump's harshest critics have grudgingly acknowledged that he's had several big wins.
New York Taxes:  We don't often praise New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but we have to say, we appreciate his recent frankness on taxes.
Labor Market:  The latest expectation-shattering jobs report isn't a fluke. It's another sign that President Trump's economic policies are improving the lives of middle class families.
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