Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ben Shapiro on slavery reparations and 2020 Democrats - Video

Video - Ben Shapiro on slavery reparations and 2020 Democrats

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C. Harrison-Smith said...

Interesting that Mr. Shapiro does not see anything wrong with Israel seeking $250B in Reparations.

Is it impossible for the Khazars to ask for reparations?

They're not even Hebrews according to the DNA test but its OK for them to have reparations?

Do the Shapiros and Sanders have dual interest in staying quiet about Israel's reparations?

Let's do simple a simple review that even Ben can understand.

The Racketeering of Cannabis was and is an ongoing criminal act started by the Wire Fraud of Reefer Madness and conducted over 70+ years against primarily minority and poor while the government engaged in willful and wanton ignorance of Cannabis medicinal value until they could put the trade and commerce of Cannabis under their control and erect barriers to keep Blacks and poor out. They created a prison slave population using Cannabis prohibition as the primary method of arrest while Slick Willy ushered in 3 strikes you're out to fill the slave labor system. And before Slick Willy Tricky Dick's administration admitted in bold daylight that they were using the marijuana laws to kick in the doors of hippies and Blacks. But because this racketeering occurred BEFORE the RICO act it can only be remedied by REPARATIONS.

Here are some simple Reparation metrics for fast talkin' Ben, not based on race but condition:

10 acres of land for anyone incarcerated for Cannabis, 10 acres per year of incarceration. (Open the public lands that Woodrow Wilson stole from the Indigenous people)
No taxes for 20 years.
Free seed, housing materials for 20 years.
Remove all barriers to Cannabis trade and commerce.
I'm sure a few other simple things can be added.

How difficult is that Fast Talkin' Ben?

How do you spell Hypocrite?