Thursday, March 14, 2019

Live Streaming - We Build The Wall: Border Town Hall - Detroit, Michigan

Join We Build The Wall team LIVE with from Detriot at historic Cobo Hall for a Border Town Hall. The panel incluse wounded Veteran Brian Kolfage, Fmr. White house strategist Steve Bannon, border experts, Kris Kobach, Sheriff Clarke, Tom Tancredo and Breitbart's Brandon Darby, Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza, Angel Dad Steve Ronnebeck and Moderated by One America News Network's Neil McCabe and hosted by Jennifer Lawrence.

Live Streaming - We Build The Wall:  Border Town Hall - Detroit, Michigan

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Unknown said...

LOVE THIS! BUILD THE WALL! GOD BLESS YOU! Do you have the names of the despicable Senator RINO's who voted with the Dems.? Going to start campaigning against their Globalist , NWO , pay in their pocket votes! Lets find some Patriots to take their seats in 2020!
Thank you so much! Yep, all RINO's I see! if any use the excuse, same old excuse we hear all the time, same reason they stood with Obama, (Really pay to play, Lobbyists & special interests, selling out the USA Citizens for their political power, NWO and Globalism and never getting ANYTHING DONE, about immigration reform, SHAME!!) They say that we did not want to set a precedent for the Dems to follow~~~ well we KNOW THAT the Dems would DO IT ANYWAY! I hope each of you RINO's are toast and your careers over in politics and USA citizens you better not be fooled to vote them in again! Rob Portman, this includes you, HERE IN OH. USA citizens are waking up! You lied and said you would stand with President Trump, well you are not riding in on his coattails anymore. I am sorry I voted for you!! We know there is a Emergency at the Southern Border, now ALL YOU RINO'S you are all part of the problem!