Sunday, March 3, 2019

Videos - The best of CPAC:

President Trump attacks Democrats, socialism and Mueller probe in fiery CPAC speech

WATCH: Vice President Mike Pence addresses CPAC

CPAC 2019 Candace Owens

Michelle Malkin slams 'ghost of John McCain' at CPAC

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at CPAC 2019: full speech

Nigel Farage addresses America | CPAC 2019

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Ramura said...

I spent the better part of yesterday watching youtubes of CPAC speeches. I appreciate your gathering some of the ones you felt were the best speeches. But in my opinion you missed maybe THE best, and that was Diamond and Silk! I know, I know. I was surprised too, and almost didn't watch it...not expecting much. But those women were ON FIRE! Definitely worth a mention.