Thursday, May 16, 2019

Cheap or Selfish? - 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates tax returns show they don't like giving to charity

Sad, very sad.  It is well known that Republicans and Conservative give more to charity.  But this is confirmed by the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates tax returns.  A sample:

Beto O'Rourke:  
In 2017, the O'Rourkes earned $366,455 but gave only $1,166 to charity. That is just over 0.3% of their income in charitable contributions. Similarly, the O'Rourkes gave just 0.2% of their income to charity in 2016.
By comparison, the average American household in the same income bracket that itemizes its deductions gave $21,364 to charity in 2016, according to IRS data.
Bernie Sanders
Sanders, who for years resisted releasing several years of his tax returns, earned $1,073,333 but gave $10,600 to charity — or just less than 1% of his income. Based on 2014 IRS data, people who made more than $1 million that year took an average charitable deduction of $382,953, or 5.6% of their income.
Kirsten Gillibrand  
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, who along with her husband donated less than 2% of their $215,000 income to charity last year.
Amy Klobuchar
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and her husband gave $6,600 of their $338,500 to charity, a percentage similar to Gillibrand's.
Kamala Harris 
California Sen. Kamala Harris gave 1.4% of her and her husband's $1.9 million income to charity in 2017. And during several years of her time as California's attorney general, Harris reported no charitable donations.
Joe Biden
But also in 2012, former Vice President Joe Biden — now a potential 2020 presidential candidate — gave just 1.5% of his income to charity along with his wife, Jill Biden. The small portion the couple gave to charity was widely criticized, but it was larger than O'Rourke's and Sanders' 2016 donations.

You can read the entire story from Business Insider here.

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