Friday, May 8, 2020

Is this how you beat Coronaviru? Take this supplement:

From Study Finds.  Turn out Vitamin D (sunlight) is a CRUCIAL supplement to fighting off Corona-virus.  Start taking your Vitamin D supplements!

Study: Patients Low In Vitamin D Twice As Likely To Develop Severe COVID-19 Symptoms
EVANSTON, Ill. — A new study conducted at Northwestern University concludes that vitamin D may be an essential ingredient to protecting oneself from the coronavirus. The research team discovered a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiencies and mortality rates.
According to the study, the lower the vitamin D levels present in a patient’s body, the more likely that person will develop severe symptoms and complications.
Data used in this study encompassed numerous hospitals from all over the world, including China, France, Italy, South Korea, and the United States, among others. They found that patients in countries with higher mortality rates, such as Italy and Spain, usually had lower vitamin D levels than patients in other nations. However, the study’s authors caution that vitamin D certainly isn’t a cure for coronavirus, and more research on this matter is needed before any definitive recommendations can be made.
“While I think it is important for people to know that vitamin D deficiency might play a role in mortality, we don’t need to push vitamin D on everybody,” says Northwestern’s Vadim Backman, the study’s lead author, in a release."
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