Friday, May 29, 2020

POWERFUL VIDEO - Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/29/2020 FULL

If you can't watch it all please watch around the 6;30 mark, wow!  POWERFUL VIDEO - Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/29/2020

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Hermano said...

Return to Common law instead of legal fiction.
Not an exact quote here but Winston Churchill once remarked that when you're buried under 10,000 regulations ( Statutes, Codes, Policy, etc...) people will loose respect for the law.
Add to that a plantation style of management of people for profit and those who corporately enforce that looting bear the brunt of the backlash.
We have gone from police being able to write the extent of their duties on a 3'X5' card to having a defacto legal profit system operations and being militarized.
Lets discuss the elephant in the room shall we Tucker and Pundits Inc?