Saturday, July 4, 2020

VIDEOS - Young Americans Know Nothing About The 4th of July

Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret spoke to students and young Americans about the history behind the 4th of July

Young Americans Know Nothing About The 4th of July
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4th of July Zombies - Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate Fourth of July!

FAIL - Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate 4th of July! -- A CONVERSATION WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC


Bursledon Blogger said...

Shocking that we Brits know more about your history than some of your young people - and we lost.

Please celebrate your founding day with pride in the fact that you are still the beacon in the world for freedom.

Unknown said...

Mike McDaniel at Stately McDaniel Manor talks of the 'tyranny of the test' which forces teachers to spend so much time on state and national required tests. There are only so many hours in the school year therefore much actual learning falls to the wayside.

The teacher in the first video is a prime example of the indoctrination of students. She openly stated, perhaps even as a boast, that she doesn't teach the curriculum. Instead, she 'teaches' her opinion. Both of those teachers seemed to struggle with coherent speech.

Unknown said...

Teacher's unions have exploited the condition that parents rely so much on schools to teach their spawn. This has created a tremendous opportunity to indoctrinate or at least 'dumb down' the generations. The most obvious correction is for parents to resume their authority over their children. It will be interesting to see the intellectual development of the kids resulting from this C-1984 lockdown of the schools.