Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Rumble Video - Vaccine Lunacy: Passports and Packed Stadiums

Rumble — We live in two different Americas right now. One is free and you’re able to embrace your normal life. In the other one, you are completely restrained by authoritarian mandates with no basis whatsoever in science. Which do you want to pick?
Vaccine Lunacy: Passports and Packed Stadiums


Cooganalaska said...

I know about 20 friends and acquaintances who are vaccinated (so-called) yet still got Covid. It seems the ratio of serious to mild morbidity is similar to those without vaccine. In other words, it seems the vaccines don't work well. As to those hospitalized, the numbers given never show which are vaccinated vs not. Further, I have heard credible accounts of hospitals persuading (bribing) families of recently deceased to agree to Covid as cause of death in exchange for hospital fee waivers, etc. We can no longer believe any government data.

Unknown said...

vaxx is a failure look at Israel an England. masks are a failure. 6ft is a fantasy.