Thursday, January 27, 2022

GLOBAL WARMING UPDATE - - Coldest Air In Over A Decade To Hit Miami, Florida

Get those winter coats out Miami Florida - you will be seeing temps you haven't seen in over a decade - and some RECORD cold temp! Coldest Air In Over A Decade To Hit Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida Sunday is expecting a reading of 38 degrees Sunday morning. The last time Miami saw temperatures this cold was back in December of 2010. #foxweather #weather #florida

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FJB said...

One of the most significant factors affecting climate on earth is nowhere to be seen in the media; volcanic ash. With 12 active volcanoes currently filling the air with ash and sulfuric compounds, the effect on the atmosphere is now being felt with colder temperatures across the globe. The Tonga eruption alone, with a shock wave that was recorded on the other side of the planet, could have a multiyear effect on surface weather patterns. Add in the massive California fires and we now have the perfect upper atmosphere blanket for keeping out sunlight and aiding in lower surface temperatures.
Until politicians can control volcanoes, solar flares and other natural activities, there is little point in worrying about the carbon from my lawn mower.