Friday, February 3, 2023

GLOBAL WARMING UPDATE: WATCH: New Hampshire buried by arctic blast, coldest wind chill ever measured

 -108F Coldest Wind Chill EVER in the United States including Alaska! The previous record was only -102F.

NEW HAMPSHIRE (WXIX) - Wind chill temperatures in Mount Washington are an astonishing -108 degrees Friday night due to an intense blast of arctic air.

That’s the coldest wind chill temp ever measured in the United States, including Alaska, according to FOX19 meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer.

It’s also likely the coldest wind chill temperature ever measured on earth, though Horstmeyer adds it’s likely colder wind chill temperatures have occurred in places like Antarctica without being measured.

Real temperatures are lower than -45 degrees. The previous record is -47 degrees.

For reference, the average temperature on Mars is -80 degrees.

Temperatures will continue to fall in the area into Saturday.

Mount Washington sits 6,288-ft. tall in northern New Hampshire. a 231-mile wind gust was recorded there in 1934, the highest known measured wind gust anywhere in the world not produced by a tornado or tropical cyclone.

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Anonymous said...

It was colder in the last Ice Age.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for global warming. I grew up in NH. Mt Washington is beautiful and extremely dangerous. People die on it regularly because they don't take it seriously. It can be a
warm sunny day at the base, and a artic blast at the top. If you hike it be prepared for extreme weather.