Friday, June 2, 2023

Over 88 Million (now 167 M) views this weekend - Matt Walsh's documentary "What is a Woman"? is blowing up Twitter!

The Daily Wire's "What is a Woman" is literally blowing up Twitter now.  It's free for only today and so far it has 88 Million views - and is growing every minute.  Produced by Matt Walsh it is a fascinating 90 minute documentary!

What is a Woman? | Matt Walsh | Full Documentary

Via Rumble.

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Anonymous said...

The social engineering taking place with this agenda is sickening . The medical profession have lost all credibility in my eyes. This is moving society towards accepting pedophilia as normal. The twisted vocabulary is so clear. If men “ identify” as a woman on how about saying they want to pretend they are a woman. The politicians cannot answer honestly as they are so twisted in their political ideology . These “ personal choice” comments are used as way to avoid an answer. Why is this being pushed on children and the whole of society. The twisting of minds is unbelievable.