Saturday, September 30, 2023

Gov. Ron DeSantis | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO Video)

Florida Governor and 2024 Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis joins Bill on Real Time.

Update:  Townhall has a nice story about the interview

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Thinking said...

The biggest scandal in American history is a current President of the United States who is trying to eliminate his strong political opponent in the 2024 election Donald Trump by jailing his chief opponent. Here is his imaculately-researched case that can only be fixed by impeachment of the current president, his weaponized DOJ supporters, and his sell-out of America to China co-scandal to the demise of the Constitution of the United States of America. Regardless of your party, you need to reconcile in favor of the Constitution or become the weakest member due to the continuation of a Communist pursuit of powerful ownership by the Feds over every aspect of human life in America, where people can be thrown into jail or executed by whim of the Party in charge, and by design President Biden's Democrat Party that can incarcerate political opponents by whim. We're in dangerous territory, but I'll let one of the best fiscal reporters in America explain the upside down world of today's White House. I hope it sinks in to both sides of the aisle, as hearing this will be the best hour you ever spent understanding how to survive this crisis without destroying the Constitution intelligent men of the eighteenth century, our Founders, delivered a plan, which if respected, will restore the nation to some semblance of reality of dealing with prices of cars being $48,000, gas prices high, to be lowered for a short time before the election, then restored to its double or triple price before Joe Biden sold out America to the Communist Chinese for $5 million dollars for himself, and $5 million dollars for his son, Hunter Biden. Do you want to become a subservient of the person in power's demands? IMHO we need some Republican District Attorneys to indict HUNTER BIDEN for his MANY Crimes..

Biden, as usual, blames other people for his actions, he must be called out on them and punished for the, in an unprecedented, and phoney scandals to jail his formidable political opponent of our 247 year American History.
It's never been done before, and I hope it never happens again.

The real question is why haven't they already done that? Are they all part of this crooked Mess that they have created.. This country seems to be on its last legs, and it’s a TERRIBLE PITY..