Sunday, December 10, 2023

Bill Maher torches the Woke Left for their criticism of Mr. Beast - Video

"How did we get to this weird place? Telling people who are actually out in the world making a positive difference, "You're the problem." "First seen on Red State and Maher absolutely nails it here!

Rule: Mr. Beast is Helping Wrong! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

He pointed out how Mr. Beast devoted some of the money he made to help get cataract surgery for 1,000 blind people. But the woke attacked him for filming the joy of the people getting their sight back. The WaPo's Taylor Lorenz said what "truly needs curing" is society's view of disabled people, and Buzzfeed wrote that Mr Beast seems to regard disability as something that needs to be "solved." Maher described how the people who could now see did seem to think something had been "solved." "You know the expression sh*t or go blind?" he asked the woke critics. "You did neither." Maher said the woke loved "nothing more than being a victim." 

He described how Mr. Beast constructed 100 wells in Africa to provide clean drinking water for half a million people. Mr. Beast was then criticized for being a "white male figure" who came along, and his detractors claimed that it was frustrating that he "gets all the attention." "You know what else is frustrating," Maher said. "Dying of thirst." 

Mr. Beast also rebuilt an African orphanage. Then, he was attacked for a "classic case of white saviorism." Maher derided that as well, "Ask any orphan to name the worst part of their life, 'Show-offs!'"

"How did we get to this weird place? Telling people who are actually out in the world making a positive difference, 'You're the problem,'" Maher said. It's the woke remake of reality to stoke whatever the narrative is, to keep stoking the anger. It's to keep creating that divide and not solving anything. That's why the left never cures any societal ills, they make them worse. 

He then spoke about how this has permeated government, including at the NIH, saying that they had moved to exclude the word "disability" as it might lead to the sense that people are flawed or need to be fixed. Maher said if he were ever struck blind, went deaf, or paralyzed, he didn't want you to wonder about what he thought or wait around — "Fix me." 

"Do something, use AI, invent something, steal body parts from a pet cemetery, steal stem cells from a frog, whatever it takes! Gene sequencing, robotic eyeballs, harvesting clones, inject me with hamster platelets, grow a new gallbladder from Impossible Meat! Just do something!"

There's so much phoniness this time of year, including about goodwill toward men, "that lasts until Jan. 2," he said. He said the problem is that the woke turn everything into a "political identity" category, including disability. He pointed out how they went after Adele for losing weight as though it would somehow offend someone that she was no longer fat. 

Maher explained the woke even wanted to make the homeless a political identity category, as opposed to helping to get them off the streets, which now is seen as "kind of judgey." "Don't disturb them in their natural habitat," he said, mimicking the woke. "The left thinks the number one job is to protect homeless people from stigma, I think the number one job is to protect them from rain."

Again via Red State

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