Tuesday, December 5, 2023

RE-POST: Israel Is Flushing Out Hamas' Terror Tunnels With Seawater

This has been rumored to happen for a while now but it does seem that Israel is going to flood the Gaza tunnels with seawater from the Mediterranean Sea!  Via Townhall and originally posted on The Wall St Journal.

UPDATE: They're flooding the tunnels.

Israel has resumed military operations in Gaza after Hamas violated the terms of the brief but tenuous ceasefire that was heavily based on the release of the 200 or so Israelis who were kidnapped on October 7. Scores were released by the terrorists, but continued to attack Israeli forces. Rocket attacks also continued, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government somewhat tolerated the violations in the ceasefire to ensure as many Israelis held in captivity could be released. Israel would, in turn, release some 150 Palestinians imprisoned on terror charges. We all knew this deal would break down, and it did on December 1. Now, the IDF is back to mopping up terrorist holdouts and mulling over what to do about the intricate terror tunnels that spread throughout the strip.

Multiple entry points have been discovered, and Israel knows some of these tunnels are hundreds of feet below the surface, hence why Hamas is using the fuel stores to power generators that feed their terrorist forces hiding below with oxygen. Israel has the manpower and technology to wipe out everyone, but it’ll take time. However, the latter predicament is one Israeli society is willing to tolerate to ensure the safety of their country. Israel has already said it will remain in the Gaza Strip long after their war with Hamas is over. Still, what to do about the terrorists still hiding in the tunnels remains an issue. Dogs have found and neutralized some of these savages, but many are no wider than a telephone booth, leading to serious concerns about casualties. They’re also booby-trapped, and the environment is virtually pitch black. There is an anti-personnel foam bomb that can be deployed, but the latest plan is to flush out the terrorists with seawater. The problem is that it could also ruin the strip’s water system (via WSJ):

Again via Townhall.


Dan said...

What will happen is the Hamas animals will speak out of the tunnels via hidden exits leaving any hostages behind, tied up so they will drown.

CT Ginger said...

To the tunnels from the sea
Israel will be free”