Saturday, June 15, 2024

Decision Desk HQ catches up to Common Cents Blog - - VA and MN are "toss up" or "battleground" states!!

Decision Desk is one of the prominent polling and political sites on the internet.  They were the first to call Gov Glenn Youngkin's victory in the VA Governor race in 2021 and first to call Biden's win in 2024.  Their reputation is unmatched and they are considered the Gold Standard in polling.

So as you may remember Common Cents pointed out in May that Virginia and Minnesota are the new battleground sites - or "tossup states" here on a May 15, 2024 post:  Meet the new "Swing States" - Minnesota and Virginia!  

And as far back as April 11 Common Cents posted - Meet the newest SWING STATE - - - Minnesota!

So Decision Desk HQ has finally caught up with Common Cents:

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Trump has any chance of winning Minnesota, doesn't know Minnesota. I wish Trump would win Minnesota, but it ain't gonna happen.