Tuesday, July 9, 2024

BREAKING: Cook Political Report moves six states in Trump's direction (NV, AZ, GA, NH, MN, NE2)

The Cook Political Report has just made six BIG changes to its electoral college ratings, all moving in Trump’s favor.AZ: Toss Up to Lean R 

GA: Toss Up to Lean R 
NV: Toss Up to Lean R 
MN: Likely D to Lean D 
NE-02: Likely D to Lean D 
NH: Likely D to Lean D

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KellyJ said...

No slacking off now. Millions of illegals getting set up to vote (or have their votes cast for them). Election worker caught trying to steal the keys to electronic vote machines. Merchan setting up to try and put Trump in Rikers 2 weeks before the election.
We need a plus 10 turnout just to counter whatever plans the Left is hatching.