Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GREAT NEWS! Dead Virginia Dog gets Voter Registration Form

Great.  Just Great.  A deceased dog has received a Voter Registration form in the mail from a liberal group Voter Participation Center.  The sad thing is they almost got away with it!

Lynchburg, VA- A man in Goodview received a voter registration form in the mail for his dog, and if that wasn't weird enough - his dog is dead. When Tim Morris opened his mailbox last Thursday, he expected the regular stuff, bills, newspapers and ads. "My wife said, 'Tim you won't believe what we got. I said, 'What'. We got a form to register Mozart to vote,'" said Morris. The form from the Voter Participation Center was sent to his little poodle Mozart, addressed Mo for short. Besides the fact that dogs can't vote, Mozart passed away two years ago. Morris says Mozart would have turned 19 this year, making him the legal voting age.
"I think Mozart would have voted the way I told him to vote," said Morris.
After their laughs subsided Morris and his wife went on a hunt for some answers.
"I don't know if they just don't check who is getting the forms or what the deal is," said Morris.
Morris and his wife found the Voter Participation Center website, and interestingly enough one of their featured videos warned voters about registration cards being sent to pets. Morris says its sheds light on a potentially bigger issue. "It's important that we address this simply from the point of making sure there is no voter fraud," said Morris. While Morris does some digging, others are calling clamoring to hear his story. "It has gone viral. It's all over the Internet. And, Fox News is supposed to have me on T. V. Wednesday morning," said Morris.
The story has gotten so popular, Morris is scheduled to be on FOX News Wednesday morning.  Read the story here.

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poptoy1949 said...

and if Obama does not eat it...it will vote for Obama probably.