Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bill O'Reilly Talking Points Memo: America and Syria

Talking Points Memo.  Fox News Bill O'Reilly makes a very strong case for American intervention in Syria:
Talking Points Memo: America And Syria


Anonymous said...

It seems that Bill has drunk the Obama - Aid. Ya got it wrong Bill. Assad launched no chemical weapons. It is all over the internet that he did not do it. And that my dear boy is why I do not watch you any longer. You have turned into a schrill for obama and the internet news is more believable.

jay son said...

disagree completely with oh,really.

if we are not the world's policeman under a republican we sure shouldn't be under a democrat.

anyone remember the gulf of tonkin incident. sure looks like round 2 to me.

christian soldier said...

o'reilly does not remember Washington's warning to the new Republic-which also fit the mid east- "Stay out of the affairs of Europe."
When he says we in the US should "discipline" ---etc etc--Really!! We are not the world's mama or papa- thus-
Bring our BEST home from "wars" we have no intention of winning- and have them man our own borders!!---