Thursday, September 5, 2013

Video: Anthony Weiner Explodes In Shouting Match With Jewish Voter

Violating a cardinal rule in politics Anthony Weiner gets livid with a constituent in this fiery exchange with a voter during campaign stop in Borough Park.  "You're a jacka**"

Anthony Weiner Explodes In Shouting Match With Jewish Voter

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Unknown said...

Well done Tony. You don’t need those losers’ votes. Why Huma care less? Weiner ain’t polling for The Holy See Sancta Sedes episcopal jurisdiction of Catholic Church in Rome. He’s a Diogenes Wiener and he knows what is he doing? If he ain’t bragged about he will be bashed out and surely will be on fool’s headlines “unforgettable”. Kudos Tony you shagged ‘em all. History is remedy. Mayor Eliot Spitzer NY Whorehouse. Wiener ain’t Genital Poser. What’s the big deal? Weiner’s Little Richard is six inch. OK. that’s public on twitter. If you ever Google the word: ‘lewd’ why the hell you get Former congressman Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., now a candidate for New York City Mayor instead. This is what The Dirty and Weiner website confirmed authentic statement. Come on Girls. Who would love to see a New Yorker Jew married to a Muslim girl and very close to Clintons Anthony Weiner New York City Mayor elected? Are we trying to waste the WhiteHouse 2016 too? over my dead body.