Saturday, May 10, 2014

AWESOME! Democrat Candidate for Governor Hulsey Confronted by Black Republican for Calling GOP Racist

Amazing!  Watch as this hero African American Republican confronts this Democrat who is running for Governor of Wisconsin.  This knucklehead Governor Candidate is actually wearing a Confederate Uniform.  As we all know the Democrat Party is the Party of the Klu Klux Klan and the Democrat Party supported Slavery and Segregation.  Learn more here and here.

Democrat Candidate for Governor Confronted by Black Republican for Calling GOP Racist


RadioMattM said...

Of course he know what it is like to be caught "driving while black." And, of course, she doesn't.

(As a side note, part of the screen capture below is "CLAN." I kid you not!)

Anonymous said...

I do like the part where he says "welcome to the confederacy" to the person he runs up to when he is trying to get away from her and the facts.

That should be the Democrat slogan: Come be a Democrat - welcome to the confederacy. Please check your brains at the door.