Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Please vote in our Online Straw Poll - Do you support $5 Billion in Federal Funding for a Border Wall?

Please vote in today's straw poll on funding for a border wall:

Do you support $5 Billion in Border Wall Funding? free polls


clipping path service said...

Awesome article! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Moreover, the Wall's defensive side should present a punishing surface, so that none but the most aggressive invader would attempt to scale or attack it! The wall should also be equipped with state of the art 24hour monitoring sensors, cameras, and auto-response weaponry to defeat immediate threats. In addition, a manned roving patrol of military defenders, capable of defeating enemy assault and counter-attack, and, calling in any additional level of offensive support necessary to Stand Our Ground!
On Watch~~~
"Let's Roll"

Unknown said...

I certainly support long as Trump's base pays for it. Keep those Go Fund Me donations rolling in guys!