Thursday, January 10, 2019

Video - Tucker Carlson JUST Blew The LID OFF One Of The BIGGEST SCANDALS In American History

Tucker Carlson JUST Blew The LID OFF One Of The BIGGEST SCANDALS In American History


Anonymous said...

if i had the printing press to make money and people connections that act like a printing press i would set up a very simple news media for all the world to see, no music just straight talk. have an airplane and have a small house in country. I live in a fake world due to untouchable contracts, and overpriced homes for honest money to buy. the world of control is a big scam. people do not want to live on streets.
people are spreading themselves to thin for the layout structure of education(paying it back, place to live(parents house), car(forced insurance and registration)job(cost to have a job), balance act of incoming forced laws to take money. poverty in america(usa) now is 100,000 and under a year then minus the tax and forced money out of pocket for unconstitutional laws and many other factors of location.
something has to give due to the pressure. nothing to lose is nothing to lose. money is bad, accounting formula makes no since for honest people. money is nothing but pressure and total control as we are sliding into internet control. More than just one control but can not see it all.
who is the blog author?

Anonymous said...

Bain company. this system takes the stock money too if they can hide the process. 1)paid to lose. 2) against the system.3) money is bad for country. there is nothing wrong with the system of the game that puts people on streets and then they die from having nothing. the tools of war towards its people. this is were the people see corrupt work and money competition. food shelter and clothes should not be competition but it is. this has been going on for years around the tax books, fake laws, accounting, real estate, and on and on. look at the silicon valley bubbles. most the time the mob moves within the large numbers from years ago. highest bidder and cash. no honest wage can move.
what does it mean blow the lid off. welcome to california, silicon valley. this silicon valley was built on this system and keeps on controlling spinning and what is the dmv, or secretary of state or other names that tax our vehicles in the USA.
our usa paperwork is void and corrupt. no lids its all around us. what is stanford california, what is berkeley california. what is los gatos california. what is the border between california and mexico. its all run by corrupt business.